Hi!  We are the Cole family and this is our heart.


My name is Nicole Cole and with my husband Tyler we are parents to these two sweet babies you see.  Our family has been built through love + blood as our son, Campbell, came home to us via adoption and our daughter, Crawford, grew in my belly to be born only 10 weeks after her brother. Our lives have been transformed as our family has doubled in size and our passion for what we do has evolved and grown!

It's our desire to create photos and videos that help create the legacy you'll one day leave for your family.  We want your wedding day to be remembered through photographs and video clips that show the raw, honest emotion of the day.  We want to photograph families in their element, celebrating every single quirk and personality trait represented in your family.  We want to give you images and films that you can show your children and grandchildren and say "That was it, those are the days I'll always treasure."  We want to capture your everyday messes, the laundry piles, the messy faces, the comfy clothes.  We want to celebrate these moments of life because the mundane, everyday life is worth remembering.  Your season of life is valuable, no matter what it may be.  Our hope is that we can help you see that your season of life is beautiful and special and has purpose.  We want to give you beautiful reminders of these moments that make up your life!


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