It was almost exactly a year ago that we launched our first ever website.  Here we are with more weddings under our belts, more births experienced, more family sessions photographed, and a whole lot of life lived.  I'm so excited for this space because I feel that this represents us so well in this season of life and business.  I can see this space being one that I'll come back to again and again to share weddings, photo sessions, and a few personal posts too.  I'm so eager to use this space well.  We've been in quite a transition season personally for most of 2015.  Temporary living arrangements, building a house, and a handful of other life circumstances has made this year a stinking hard one if I'm being really honest.  The past few weeks we've been able to unpack our boxes and get settled into our new home (and home office!!) and it's felt so good to start a new routine.  We have so many goals and dreams for 314 Productions and we are incredibly thankful that the Lord allows us to do this job week after week.  Now that this gorgeous new site is up and running, our email is working again, and the office is filled with all our stuff we're ready to make some things happen!  My goal is to post all of our weddings and sessions here so that you sweet brides and grooms get some sneak peeks before your final package is headed to your doorstep.  I hope to use this space so that you can get to know us and see what happens in our lives from week to week.  We're so excited to see what the Lord has for us in this new season and we're THRILLED that we get to work with you and love on you all the while!  

In all thing wear love. 


photo by Katie Kubler photography and our incredible website was designed by Rachel Cox.

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