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Kristen + Corey

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There's so much I could say about Kristen + Corey.  From the moment I met them at our engagement shoot, I knew they would be a couple we would adore spending time with.  They are both incredibly kind, compassionate, joyful, and concerned about others.  The way their friends and family interacted with them and the joy that was present on their wedding day points to the outstanding character of these two.  Kristen's laugh pulls joy out of people and the way Corey smiles at Kristen shows such love and gentleness.  One of my top favorite moments of the day is when Kristen's nephew walked down the aisle as a ring bearer and Corey had toys in his pocket to give him as he got to the end of the aisle.  This brief moment sums up how great these two are.  They were calm, cool, and insanely happy during this whole day even when the unexpected happened.  Their reception timeline got totally moved around based on a thunderstorm that was rolling in, but we headed out to a field to get some gorgeous couple photos (beautiful rain clouds included!) before the bottom fell out.  Their ceremony and reception was held at a gorgeous family friend's home and as we headed in from our sunset photos people were gathered on the porches waiting out the rain.  Kristen + Corey spent time talking with their friends and family and it was really sweet to see a bride and groom be able to stop and rest for a minute and really enjoy some peace and quiet with their guests.  The rain finally cleared out and the dance floor filled up and these two enjoyed every second in between.  Kristen + Corey, thank you so much for your grace, your laughs, and all the joy you gave to us and others!