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LEGacy lifestyle photography

These simple moments of raising babies are moments that have incredible value and deserve to be remembered.  As I've become a mama myself, I see how fleeting these seasons are with babies.

 They grow and change before we even notice and it's so easy to forget the little things.  

 With legacy lifestyle sessions the goal is to celebrate your season of life, exactly how it looks.  That may include an untidy house, messy hair, and everything not quite being "picture perfect".  My desire is for this session to give you tangible reminders of what it was like to snuggle your newborn on your chest with day three (maybe four?) hair and bags under your eyes.  My desire is to show the chaos of having multiple tiny humans in your home and how they each have unique personalities.  My desire is to photograph your son in his spiderman costume because one day, not too far from now, he won't wear it anymore.  It's my desire to give you images, beautiful images, to remember the days that you may be tempted to think don't matter.  It's my desire to make you see that every day matters.  Every moment is special.  And these days, these moments are building your family's legacy.  There might be dust on the floor when I arrive, your kids may knee deep in mud in the backyard, and your kitchen might not be spotless. 

But, this is your life.  This is your beautiful, meaningful life.

Let's honor it with lovely photos. 

Our Legacy Lifestyle Sessions start at $250

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